Welcome to Bec & Bello!

Hi I’m Bec and I am a mother to 2 beautiful girls and wife to my ‘Bello’ Italian husband James. In 2018, I created and founded Bec & Bello a boutique designer brand creating products inspired by our mantra “YOUNG”, “FUN” and “LUXE” with accessories for children aged 1 to 10 years.

Bec & Bello came to be by the fact that as a mother, I kept finding that shopping in the market for products as simple as a backpack for my kids, that appealed to my taste and style, led to the same assortment of prints and trends that weren’t really anything that myself, or my children connected with.

All I wanted at the time was uncomplicated products that used natural colours, with a touch of sophisticated fun. So after some gentle persuasion by my supportive husband, I finally decided to lean in on my years of Brand Marketing and Product Development experience to start working on my first collection that is now the Bec & Bello flagship products - our kids backpack range.

The idea was simple, create products and accessories that had sophisticate style and quality but were made for practical, everyday use. I also wanted to develop a synergy that connected both parent and child through a positive reinforcement with each of our characters. The characters you will discover promote and celebrate their own unique personas that I hope will inspire these values in your child.

Quality was another high priority. I wanted to manufacture products that are made with only the highest quality materials, to ensure they lasted all your milestones. Starting from that first day of daycare, to kinder and then onto overnight or weekend use in the years ahead.

I have a philosophy that when it comes to fashion, I am a big believer in “quality made”, “quality last!” I am also a big believer that quality accessories need to be versatile. So I hope you enjoy what Bec & Bello has to offer as I continue to develop the range!

Thank you again for your support and sharing this journey of design and creation with me!