Bento replacement clip


With general wear and tear, particularly when there’s kids involved, the bento replacement clip means you can get more life out of your favourite Bec & Bello Bento.

  • Available in all matching colour options

Bento not included.



  1. Push pins into their provisional slots, with the course end of the pins pointing towards the centre of the clip.
  2. Line the clip and the pins up to the bento’s existing provisional holes - (TIP - Hold the clip in the open position, so you can clearly see the pins to guide them into their fixing position.)
  3. Carefully using the point of a small Philips head screwdriver ( not a knife) push in the pins on each side to fix them into position. Ensure they are pushed all the way in firm ( TIP – You may find it easier to place the bento on its side and on a hard surface or Benchtop to apply downward force and ensure the pins are securely pushed in.)
  4. Test to check the clip is locked in by gently pulling to ensure it is in place and that the pins have made purchase into the Bento pin holder provisions.
  5. Your bento clip should be back in full swing and getting you back to packing your famous lunches, which the kids will enjoy!
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